A fine blend of old and new Austria.

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Graz, one of the best preserved old-towns in Europe, is Austria’s second-largest city and probably the most relaxed with the liveliest nightlife – thanks to the four universities it houses.

Graz is an attractive place with numerous green parkland, red rooftops and a small, fast-flowing river gushing through its centre. The architecture is a mix of Renaissance courtyards and provincial baroque palaces well complimented by innovative modern design buildings.

The Old-Town is the heart and soul of Graz. Encompassing the city mountain, former fortifications, charming alleyways, medieval building facades as well as extraordinary modern architecture, it is a living museum with a modern twist. Summer and winter, the city is bustling with activity. UNESCO experts were so impressed by the interplay of the countless sights and attractions that they declared the Old Town of Graz to be a World Cultural Heritage site, worthy of protection for the ages. Graz is old, to be sure.

Enjoy the many street cafes, art galleries, great shopping, innovative- as well as excellent traditional restaurants, and a busy event calendar Graz offers throughout the year.


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