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Sail across the harbour from Darwin to the Tiwi Islands, glide across wetlands and spot local wildlife, or cool off under a waterfall in Litchfield National Park.

With a fascinating history blending European, Asian and Indigenous influences, visiting Darwin is truly a must on any Australian holiday.

Are you keen to explore a modern cosmopolitan city, complete with shopping, bars and dining experiences? What about checking out the region’s diverse wildlife and adventure activities in nearby national parks like Litchfield and Kakadu? How about satisfying your tastebuds by sampling the best cuisine the Territory has to offer? Then Darwin is for you.

Darwin has a storied history and remains the best place to sample the laid-back Aussie lifestyle. Visitors to Darwin are pleasantly surprised by the friendly locals, picturesque scenery and cosmopolitan atmosphere of one of Australia’s most exciting tourist destinations.

Best time to visit: When talking about seasons, Darwin locals won’t mention summer and winter – instead it’s ‘wet’ and ‘dry’. If you prefer to travel in the tourist low season and love the thought of watching magnificent storms roll across the ocean every afternoon, then a visit during the wet season from November to April is for you. If you are one for clear blue skies, balmy nights and warm days, then visit during the dry season between May and October. The dry season also brings heaps of great NT events to experience!

Safety: You should always be aware of crocodiles in Top End waterways. Please only swim in designated areas and always Be Crocwise.

Passes and permits: If you’re heading out of Darwin on an adventure, you’ll be glad to know that most national parks in the Top End are free. But you will need to pay an entry fee for Kakadu – the pricing structure is seasonal and 100% of revenue is invested back into the park. Camping fees generally apply in all the parks. If you’re travelling through Aboriginal land, get yourself an entry permit – talk with the Northern Land Council or the Tiwi Land Council.


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