2022 Isle of Man TT®

There is nothing on Earth quite like the Isle of Man TT Races. No other motorcycle race is held on such a challenging track as the 37-mile plus Mountain Course with its seemingly never-ending series of bends, bumps, jumps, stone walls, manhole covers and telegraph poles. The skill, bravery and concentration levels required are immense, with speeds approaching 200mph, and, while difficult to learn and even harder to come first, the rewards for winning on the world famous course are like no other.

Qualifying Week
Saturday 28th May – Friday 3rd June 2022 (each evening apart from Sunday)
Race Week
Saturday 4th June – Friday 10th June 2022 (morning & afternoon)

 When we think about Motorcycle racing events, one stands out in a league of its own: The Isle of Man TT Race.

Forget restricted track access and 100m gravel runoffs of short circuits. Here the bikes pass you at 180mph+ with nothing but a blade of grass between you and the machine. The slightest mistake on the 37.75 mile course can cost the pilot a podium – or far worse.

The course runs over mountain passes, through narrow forest roads and villages. The bikes corner at speeds in excess of 100mph with nothing but a stone wall as ‘runoff’. This is the ultimate test of man and machine.

In conjunction with our specialist local supplier that has featured the Event since 2012, we are proud to offer a well-honed programme. Our supplier is the proud sponsors of several young riders including TT winner James Hiller; the versatile Danny Webb, and the top sidecar team Klaffi Racing – featuring the 7 X wolrd champoion Tim Reeves.

We have four packages on offer:
The ‘Essentials’ Package for guests happy with a more budget accommodation – saving the money for the awesome hospitality experiences we hope!

The ‘Mad Sunday’ Package staying at the Sefton Hotel for 4 nights taking in the initial two race days and of course Mad Sunday! With this Package, you get the full flavour of the TT and it is cheaper than the 4 night Race Week Package.

The ‘Race Week’ Package staying at the Sefton Hotel for 4 nights. This is the most popular Package so if you are keen on this Package, you need to be quick and get your booking in real early!

For those guests that wants to make the most of the TT Race, we offer an 8 night Superior Package which basically combines the Mad Sunday & the Race Week Packages.

Ordinary viewing of the racing alongside many parts of the course is free. However, there are many opportunities for much enhanced experiences. We have lined up a full set of options to give you the taste of the TT from everything from the Hedgerows to the top VIP!

If you have the TT on your ‘bucket list’ but were put off by all the organization involved, now is the time – just get yourself to the Isle of Man and we will take care of everything for you!

Please call for Package details and prices for the 2021 Race.