One of the most popular of all Caribbean destinations.

Barbados is the essence of what most people perceive a Caribbean island to be – beautiful white sandy beaches, great surf, and luxury holiday resorts. Head to the heart of Barbados and enjoy lush hillsides and plantations with a strong colonial heritage.

Barbados offers a fine mixture of sun, sea, sand and an array of water sport activities to keep all travellers fully occupied during the day. Nightlife activities too are plentiful in supply as one might expect. Head away from the tourist hot spots and you will discover a whole new Barbados, with a Calypso vibe, a tasty fusion of British and Caribbean cuisine, and lots of local Barbadian rum.

Bridgetown is the island capital and is always active, offering both beaches and culture, as well as some excellent hotels. Bridgetown resides within the parish of St. Michael and features Georgian buildings, established museums and neo-Gothic parliament buildings.

On the southern shore is the parish of Christ Church, where the principal towns, villages and resorts include Charnocks, Hastings, Providence, Sargeants, Silver Sands, St. Patricks and Worthing. Tourists also tend to be drawn to the St. Lawrence Gap and the famous Oistins Fish Market, which is where all and sundry hang out as the sun sets.

Combine all the delights the island has to offer with the laid-back vibe, its passion for rum (over 1,500 rum shops dot the island) and calypso-infused festivals, and it’s no wonder people return to Barbados time and time again



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