Hungarian F1 Grand Prix

The Hungaroring is the first circuit to have hosted a Formula 1 Grand Prix on the ‘other side of the Iron Curtain’. Indeed, in the early 80's, Bernie Ecclestone had tried to organise a Grand Prix in the USSR. After failing to do so, he settled for Hungary and the Hungaroring was built. The Hungarian Grand Prix has now been on the calendar since 1986, establishing itself as one of Formula 1's most famous venues. Famous for its technically demanding layout, the Hungaroring is a tough and narrow circuit just outside the charming city of Budapest. Loved by drivers for the challenge it poses in the heat of summer, and also loved by fans for its delightful setting, old-school layout, and fantastic carnival atmosphere. You will enjoy many terrific vantage points while watching the races since the circuit is built in a natural valley.

Circuit Name: Hungaroring
Circuit Facts:
Length: 4.381 km
Race distance: 306.63 km
Laps: 70

Race dates: 19 – 21 July 2024.

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