Quintessentially English, with a Bermudian twist.

Also often referred to as Somers Islands, the islands of Bermuda are located within the North Atlantic Ocean, about 1,000km off the coast of North Carolina.

The island, renowned for its pink sand beaches and the surrounding coral reef that is home to a world of colourful marine life, comprises of nine different parishes and has Hamilton as its capital.

Bermuda is Britain’s oldest colony and has a distinctly English feel with traditional Bobbies, sophisticated afternoon tea, iconic red telephone boxes and even areas named after many counties of England. In contrast to some of the other Caribbean destinations, Bermuda is a more sophisticated and calmer destination.

This delightful destination definitely has its own personality with plenty of things do see, enjoy and do. Visit and enjoy the hidden treasures of St George with its meandering lanes and pretty pastel houses or the vibrancy of the capital Hamilton. Take the time to visit the picturesque Spittal Pond nature Reserve or indulge in some outdoor activities like kayaking and helmet diving.


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