A historic jewel at the heart of Europe.

Since the opening up of Central and Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic – and its capital in particular – has become one of Europe’s most popular travel destinations. In this small country visitors are treated to majestic castles, medieval towns, elegant spa resorts, scenic national parks and much more.

The capital, Prague, is labelled as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It offers an intact medieval core that takes you you back 500 years. It is home to The 14th-century Charles Bridge, traversing two historic neighbourhoods, is one of the continent’s most beautiful sights.

In this city dubbed the “city of a thousand spires” visitors can enjoy beautiful churches, cobbled lanes, medieval bridges and historical castles. It offers also a collection of restaurants offering fine dining and local cuisine, lively jazz clubs, old breweries and colourful markets.

Take the time to venture out of Prague and visit the stunning countryside dotted with gorgeous historical towns and villages. Just a short drive from the capital are some extraordinary attractions; the hot springs of Karlovy Vary; the giant gothic castle of Karlštejn; the church made of human bones in Kutná Hora; and the city of Plzen, where pilsner beer was born.

The Czech Republic is a sure bet for those looking for an unforgettable Eastern European holiday destination.

Places in Czech Republic

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